What Is Kundalini ?
Kundalini is an invisible force, but in the human body it is clothed in a nest of hollow concentric spheres of astral and etheric matter, one within the other.

There are seven (7) concentric spheres resting within the Root Chakra (in an around the last hollow of the spine close to the coccyx.) In the ordinary human, the only force active is the outermost sphere; the other spheres are asleep.

In order to bring your Root (1st) Chakra into full activity is to awaken these inner spheres, and it is THIS force that arouses or awakens (activates) the rest of the chakras.

The kundalini power lies at rest at the lower end of the spine like a "coiled snake" and enters the system through the Root Chakra.
The kundalini power flows through the sushumna in a mere trickle in most people. But when it is awakened, it rises up the sushumna like a growing stream, activating the chakras, supplying them with vibrations, causing them to expand and increase their vibrational frequency.

As the kundalini rises, its energy is transformed into various vibrations, corresponding to each individual chakra (ie. it is lowest at the Root Chakra and highest at the Crown Chakra.) The degree of each chakra's performance is determined by the degree of consciousness (awareness) the person has attained in the various areas of his/her life, and whether they are blocked by stress and / or unresolved experiences. The more conscious a person is, the more active and open their chakras will be and the more kundalini that will be able to enter their body and flow like a strong flowing stream.

Please read the following page carefully:

Kundalini Journey through the Chakras

Here is a very,
very, very BRIEF description:

1. When the serpent-fire is awakened in the person at the "astral" level, it moves on to the Sacral (2nd) chakra, which corresponds to the physical spleen, and through it, vitalizes the whole astral body;

2. Then it moves on to the Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra, vivifying it, awakening in the astral body the power of feeling, a sensitivity to all sorts of influences;

3. Then it moves on to the Heart (4th) chakra, which when awakened endows the person with a power to comprehend and sypathize with the vibrations of other astral entities in a way that they can instinctively understand something of their feelings;

4. Then it moves on to the Throat (5th) chakra, awakening / activating it, giving the person the power of hearing on the astral plane;

5. Then it moves on to the 6th - Third Eye chakra, which when developed and awakened (activated) produces astral sight;

6. Finally, when it awakens or activates the Crown - Third Eye (7th) chakra, which corresponds to the top of the head, it completes the astral life.

Vague, huh?

Sorry, but it must be this way for now.

Think of Kundalini as a LIQUID FIRE that rushes through the body when it has been aroused by the will - emphasized, your WILL. When it has been aroused, it spirals up your spine like the coils of a snake.

For the ordinary person, it lies at the base of the spine, unawakened, asleep, its very presence unsuspected for their whole life.

But there are various methods you can use to awaken the kundalini power. Some of these methods involve the use of your will, peculiar modes of breathing (exercises), mantras, various postures and movements, et cetera.

It is said that it is better to allow the kundalini power to remain dormant until the person has made definite moral development, until the will is strong enough to control it, and their thoughts are pure enough to enable them to awaken it without injury.

Nobody should tamper or "experiment" with it without the instruction of a Teacher who thoroughly understands the subject, because the dangers associated with it are very real and terribly serious.

The DANGERous Side

If the kundalini power is uncontrolled, it often produces intense physical pain - it may tear tissue and even destroy physical life. But, strange as it may seem, these are the least of its evils - it can do permanent injury to vehicles higher than the physical.

If awakened prematurely, one commone effect is that the kundalini power rushes downwards in the body instead of upward, exciting the most undesirable passions, making it impossible for the person to resist them. Such people become monsters of depravity. They may gain supernormal powers but they will be connected with the "lower" order of evolution, something that may take more than one incarnation to overcome.

Other unpleasant possibilities involve the mental body. For example, ambition is quickly aroused which swells to an incredible degree. Ambition will rule your being! It may bring a great power of intellect but at the same time produce abnormal and satanic pride, inconceivable to the ordinary person.

Kundalini is no ordinary energy. It is restless. Only under the guidance of a Master, who watches over them, should one attempt to awaken these tremendous forces. In the words of The Hathayoga Pradipika: "Kundalini power gives liberation to yogis, and bondage to fools."

In addition to kundalini, there is another energy that enters the body through the Crown Chakra (the top of your head) and flows down / through the spine to each individual chakra. It is a pure and divine vital energy. The archaic teachings in India call this energy, the god Shiva, whose mere presence initiates the transformation towards the Divine.

Remember, the chakras act as receivers of the energy vibrations and information that transcends the physical realm -- openings that are connecting us with the unlimited universe of subtle energies.

It should be noted that the chakras also radiate energy into our surrounding environment. Through our chakras, we can send out loving and healing vibrations and conscious or subconscious messages, which can and will influence the people around us (near or far away) as well as situations and even physical matter, all in a positive or negative light. So think about that.


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