The Lost 18 Years of Jesus' Life Revealed

A True Story


Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian man, set out to study the customs and inhabitants of India amid their own surroundings, as well as the majestic spendor of the nature of the country. Little did he know what he would learn.

In a nutshell, after the close of the Turko-Russian War (1877-1878) Nicolas Notovitch took a tour through the Orient. While visiting a Buddhist convent, he learned from the chief Lama that there existed very ancient memoirs in the archives of Lassa (Lhasa) Tibet. These precious chronicles reveal the life of Christ and the nations of the Occident.


While in Leh, the capital of Ladak(h), Nicolas Notovich visited Himis, a large
convent in the outskirts of the city. There he was informed by the Lama that the monastic libraries contained a few copies of the ancient manuscript.

Through a twist of fate (he broke his leg) he was treated in the monastery
and had the great fortune to see the manuscripts relating to Christ.
As the manuscript was read by the Lama, he transcribed the manuscripts from Tibetan with the aid of his interpreter.

The narrative was "written with the utmost precision by Brahmin historians and Buddhists of India and Nepal."



By the third century A.D., there were no fewer than 25 different versions of Jesus' death and resurrection.

"The Essenes understood the earthly role of Jesus. They accepted him as the "Son of Man" first, and the "Son of God" second. They knew Jesus was NOT a God-man on earth, and that he did NOT create the universe as some teach. They also knew he was NOT God incarnated in human form, but a PROPHET OF GOD, like other prophets of old."

The author states that a NEW BIBLE is in the process of being written and that it will include many Essene books the early Roman church had originally deleted. He goes on to say:

"These revelations should not challenge your faith but strengthen it, for even Jesus promised in the 'end time' that the all-truth would be revealed."

Religion should be treated like science in order for the real truth to be realized. "True science weighs and vindicates truth. There is no room for yesterday's theories that have been proven wrong by today's facts. Such is the case with religion." Christianity should get itself back on the original road she has strayed from, or there will be no religion of the future, only falsehoods and hopelessness!

Publisher's Note:

Some scholars believe that Jesus spent the "lost 18 years" in an Essene community. Eighteen years is a long time. He could easily have spent some of these years with the Essenes and some in India.

"From remote ages of antiquity there have been remarkable teachings that have appeared in almost every religion -- ancient Sumeria, Persia, India, Palestine, and other countries. But it has been transmitted in its purest form by the mysterious brotherhood of the Essense living at the Dead Sea and around Lake Mareotis in the 1st century A.D..."

India has strong spiritual qualities about her. "It is there that the advanced yogis demonstrated power over the so-called 'laws of matter' -- as Jesus did two thousand years ago."

Source: "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ" by Nicolas Notovitch

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