A True Story

The Crystal Skull

How was It Made? And Who Made It?

What was / is Its Purpose?

What is Quartz Crystal Anyway?

Strange Supernatural Phenomena?

The Story

In 1924, while excavating the ruins of an ancient Mayan citadel in the dense jungle of British Honduras, famed explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Anna, were trying to lift a heavy stone wall which had fallen upon an altar when Anna spotted something glistening in the sunlight under the altar. Six weeks later, after excavating the area of the altar, they removed the upper part of a pure piece of clear, quartz crystal skillfully sculpted into the shape of a female human skull. Three months later, in the same location, they found the lower jaw.


A slightly different account claims that on Anna's seventeenth birthday, while her father was away in England to generate funds necessary to continue their expedition, she spotted something shining under the altar of an ancient Mayan altar. When her father returned, she told him of her discovery. Her father though thought it was nothing special and said that it was just a piece of glass. However, Anna thought otherwise and insisted that it be unearthed. So the next day they began removing the stones with the help of the local Mayans. Six weeks later, they removed the upper part of a pure, solid piece of clear, quartz crystal perfectly sculpted into the shape of a female human skull.

Whatever. The point is the discovery was made.


Within a matter of days after the Crystal Skull was found, Mayan men, women and children from all over Central America and Mexico gathered at the site, some traveling as far as 1,000 miles away! Why? How? Why did they travel such vast distances through the dangerous jungles and swamps to Lubaantun immediately after the Crystal Skull was found? And in such a short time? How did they learned of the discovery? Was there some ancient prophecy that the natives had known about? Did they know that the Crystal Skull would return at some time in their future?

The discovery of the Crystal Skull spun the Mayans into a state of euphoria. Celebrations ensued for days, bringing all excavations to a halt. The Mayan people told Anna and her father that the skull was made 3,600 years ago and that it took 150 years (more than five generations) to make. Anna's father was so moved by the Mayan reverence for the skull he gave it to them. Then, in 1927, when the excavation was completed, the head Mayan priest presented the skull to Anna's father as a gift of appreciation for all the medical attention and supplies and modern tools and utensils the expedition members had given them. This is how the family ended up with the skull and remained in their possession all these years.

It should be noted that the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is one of several crystal skulls that have been found around the world. But since it is the only PURE, clear quartz crystal skull sculpted to the precise dimensions of a natural human skull, it will be the only crystal skull discussed here, for no other crystal skull in the world compares to the exquisite beauty of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

The Skull

The Crystal Skull measures 13.18cm/5-3/16in high, 12.38cm/4-7/8in wide, 20cm/7-7/8in long and weighs 5.13kg/11lbs-7oz. The exterior finish is highly polished and is free of scratches.


The skull contains an intricate system of prisms, light pipes and lenses. The jawbone is held in polished sockets and can be moved up and down, as if it could speak. It is so well designed and balanced that it could work with a system of counter-weights. It has been reported that when suspended above a lighted candle, the eyes flicker and glow and tiny focused pinpoints of light are projected outward from the sockets. Interestingly enough, an interior ribbon prism allows objects below it to be magnified and projected into the depths of the skull itself.


Imagine the skull suspended above a hollow ancient Mayan altar containing a lighted candle or small flame, the floating Crystal Skull with its glowing eyes nodding approval or disapproval with the slightest breath of air and a jaw that opens and closes as if it was speaking. Was this its original function and purpose? Or did it have had a more profound function and purpose?

How was It Made?
And Who Made It?

Theories abound.


Scientist think it was probably roughly chipped or chisled, flaked then sanded smooth and hand-polished with a combination of silicon and tiny particles of crystal applied and worked like a poultice or with hair and fine sand. The grinding process is estimated to have taken at least 300 years of human labor.


It is interesting to note that the skull was carved against its natural axis. Therefore, any strong physical contact with a hammer and chisel would most likely shatter it to pieces. So how was this delicate piece of crystal carved?


Some people believe it was molded slowly over time by focusing the sun into a ray of high intensity, creating a very high temperature on the block of crystal and melting it into shape.


Some people believe it was carved by the Aztecs and Mayans.


Some people believe it was brought to Yucatan from the mythological land of Atlantis where it was originally in one of the thirteen healing temples.


Others believe it is the human skull of an Atlantean Priestess named, Shee-thee-tra, who was killed in one of the final cataclysms on Atlantis. Her skull was then transformed into a crystal skull by Morphocrystallic Transformation via the minds of seven Atlantean Priests. It is believed that she had a community/group of people who highly respected her and looked to her for guidance. Some who have worked closely with the skull see her as a very beautiful woman, 5'4" tall, with long dark hair, and usually wearing (Mayan?) clothing with a large feathered headdress.


Again, whatever.

The most important thing is: The skull is a magnificent replica of a human skull, made out of SOLID, PURE QUARTZ CRYSTAL !

Think about that !

What was / is Its Purpose
and Function?

More theories abound :

  • Upon gazing into the Crystal Skull, people who are awake (or aware) have reported seeing galaxies and several universes, pyramids (Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Nigerian and Egyptian) UFOs, thoughtforms, holographic pictures, images and historic scenes.

  • The Crystal Skull is like a computer. It has the ability to record, store and release information in the form of images; but first you need to activate it.

  • One way to activate the skull is to chant OM MANI PAD-ME HUM in the note of C - A - B. This powerful Sanskrit mantra (a sacred language) is translated, "Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus."

  • Colors can also effect it, such as red, green and blue; moonlight is also most effective. Once the skull is activated, you can retrieve information that is encoded within it.

  • The skull can transmit sound, color and can effect all five human physical senses.

  • Powerful consciousness or intelligence (Beings?) who have transcended the physical planes can communicate through the Crystal Skull. Because direct communication with them is impossible, the skull acts as a bridge to link their dimensional world to our 3-dimensional world. The Crystal Skull in this capacity works like a step-down transformer, so to speak.

  • In order to communicate with the Higher Realms through the Crystal Skull, you need to have an elevated vibratory rate. This is a process that goes something like this: When you feel this vibrational change in your body, your entire sub-atomic structure changes. It works from the inside out. It's a physical sensation/process that involves a ringing in your ears, the feeling that time is either too slow or too fast, many aches and pains throughout the body, and you experience tremendous confusion. When this happens to you, you will know that you are going through this process of change.

  • The Crystal Skull also appears to have Healing powers as well. People who have been within its presence claim to have received a healing of positive and uplifting energies.

  • Some people believe the Crystal Skull had a religious function by theSome people believe the Crystal Skull had a religious function by the Atlanteans, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, or even the Tibetans. Then, the Phoenicians brought the skull from Babylon to Central America where it came into the possession of the Maya or Aztecs.

  • What is Quartz Crystal Anyway?

    Quartz is used to amplify, transform, store, focus and transfer energy. Quartz is used in microphones, loudspeakers, audio/video and electronic equipment, computers and radios. If squeezed or if pressure is applied to it, it will generate electricity.


    Crystals can be used to amplify the visualization of thoughtforms. They have the ability to increase the power of thought.

    Hermes, a great Pre-Socratic philosopher, reflected this same thought in his first universal law: "All is Mind, the Universe is Mental," meaning, everything that happens in our lives happens by the power of our minds.

    Think about that.


    Quartz crystals have the ability to store large amounts of information within a highly-ordered lattice structure. This information is stored in the crystal on a molecular level. If crystals can store vibrations, then it is very plausible that crystals can store thoughts, emotions and actions, since all these things are vibration. People who are psychically sensitive can then sense these stored vibrations or energies and interpret them accordingly.

    Supernatural Phenomena?

    It has been reported that the skull exhibits and transmits to the five senses of the human brain; it visibly changes in color and transparency; it exhibits its own unmistakable odor when it wants to; plants thoughts in viewer's minds; makes people thirsty; impresses audible sounds in people's ears; and a sensitive person can feel distinct vibrations and energy when they place their hands near it.


    One day in 1963, Anna noticed the Crystal Skull was cloudy and dripping wet. She wiped it dry but it continued to drip. Anna instinctively felt something awful was going to happen. At five o'clock that same day, she turned on the news and learned that President Kennedy had been assasinated! Coincidence?

    Who knows.


    The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is
    truly the grand-daddy of crystal balls.

    I hope you learned something new.

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