The Highest Astral Sub-Plane 1

The highest Astral Sub-Plane are inhabited by the philosophers, scientists and metaphysicians. There are many schools of metaphysics here, as there are religious sects on the 2nd Astral Sub-Plane (below.) Some of these schools are weak and childish in their conceptions, while others have advanced to the level that they seem like demi-gods of intellect.

There are glorious forms on these Regions. They were the highly evolved beings (once human beings like ourselves) who have volunteered from higher spheres to teach and instruct along the lines of religion and philosophy (combining the best of both) for those souls who are possibly capable of understanding these Truths...

...The following statement is true on the Astral as it is on the physical, material earthly plane — "when the Student is ready, the Master appears." These higher beings are called, the Elder Brothers of the Race, and their numbers are many.


A point to remember is that there are MILLIONS of scenes on the Astral Plane. So, when a clairvoyant or medium reports on something given by a disembodied soul on the "other side," they are reporting on only ONE aspect/scene among MILLIONS of scenes that exist. So keep that in mind.

The Planes Above the Astral

A Very Brief Glimpse — or Peek?

When the soul has finally completed its "work" on the Astral Plane that they had inhabited (even the very lowest) they sink into an astral slumber. When they awake, they find themselves on the next subdivision of the next highest plane ABOVE the Astral. They may remain here for only a moment in time, or for many (earthly) centuries. This will depend on the state of their spiritual unfoldment.

During the soul's time on these higher planes, the soul communes with its "Higher Self." During this time, much of the dross is burnt out and dissolved away, leaving the higher part to be nourished and encouraged. The more highly advanced the soul, the longer they remain and thus the more time between incarnations. All the while, the higher portions of the soul are strengthened and developed on the higher planes. Apparently, from what I have read, the joy and happiness and spiritual blessedness of these higher planes are beyond description...

The Planes ABOVE the Astral are the real "heavenly worlds" of occult teachings, which are far different from the highest Astral Planes.

When the soul has completed its commune with its "Higher Self" on these higher planes, the soul will then proceed to its next phase of its development, which may be an opportunity for an earthly incarnation, or an advancement to a higher Astral Plane, or ... ??



I know what you're thinking, 'Nothing here is what I expected.' But you must remember, this section of my website is about the Astral World, and this is what the Astral World seems to be all about. This is, What they don't teach you in Sunday School or Bible Study. If you were expecting to find God with a big, white beard, sitting on a high-back, velvet throne, or Jesus, or St. Peter waiting to greet you at some pearly gates, or ETs from another planet, or 101 virgins waiting to please you, I'm sorry to disappoint you ...

... but if you're still with me, please, keep reading. If you've made it this far, you might as well finish the tour. There is more. For example, I give a snapshot glimpse of Heaven and Hell, the Astral Records, and other Astral life forms.)

So based on what has been presented, when we think of the Astral World, we will naturally want to think of disembodied souls, or, the dead. But Life on the Astral Plane consists of a lot more than just disembodied souls.

Let's examine the other Astral Life.
Keep an open mind.
You may be surprised.

The Astral World
by Swami Panchadasi

The image at the top of the page contains photos of profound scientists, philosophers, metaphysicians and prophets that have passed on. Each one has contributed something of profound significance to humanity. Although some or all may inhabit this plane, I use their image NOT as a fact of dwelling on this plane but rather as a simple pictorial representation of the caliber of highly evolved souls that volunteer to teach and instruct on this plane. I'm sure are hundreds? thousands? more we have never known or heard of ... Not everyone has to be famous to contribute something of significance to humanity. So I will acknowledge that my pictorial representation is very incomplete.

Anyway, can you recognize and name them all?

I know, they're all men. Feel free to tell me about the women who have passed on and why they belong with this group and if I agree I will add them. And if you are wondering where Jesus and other religious saints and worldly gods are, I feel they belong to another group all together, perhaps dwelling on the much higher "heavenly" planes?