Astral Life

Life without the Disembodied Souls

It is important for you to understand the Astral is NOT just a Plane of Nature, or a temporary dwelling place for the soul to develop once it has departed the physical body, nor a mere stopping place between reincarnations. The Astral World is but one phase of the activities of this great Plane of Nature.

Perhaps a better way to perceive this perspective is to remove all the disembodied souls from the Astral Plane. What would you see? Strange and wonderful phenomena, and living beings (or entities) other than disembodied souls.

These living beings were never human, and never will be. They belong to an entirely different order of Nature. They are invisible to human beings but under certain conditions, visible through "astral vision."

These entities or beings really don't dwell on the Astral per se, meaning as a part of space or a plane, but rather upon the earth. They are called astral entities only because they become visible for the first time to humans when the human is able to see on the Astral, or by other astral senses.

These entities vibrate differently from humans. They are usually of microscopic size, too. But under certain conditions, not only can their vibrations be sensed (ie. astral vision) their forms can be magnified into a perceptible size.

Some of these entities are known as Nature Spirits. They inhabit streams, rocks, mountains, forest (rural nature.) For the fortunate humans with psychic temperament, or whom have achieved a degree of astral vision, these entities have given rise to the legends and folklore of all nations as a strange order of beings — faeries, pixies, elves, brownies, peris, djinns, trolls, satyrs, fauns, kobolds, imps, goblins, little folk, tiny people as well as the mythologies of all people.

These non-human entities/creatures avoid the presence of humans. They prefer to inhabit the solitude of nature far away from large cities and populated areas.

Very briefly, there are some who are known as "good fellows," and once in a while they enjoy helping and aiding human beings to whom they have formed an attachment.


Queen of Bad Faeries
Illustration by Brian Froud
Used without permission :-/


And then there are the childish pranksters who will play little pranks at spiritualistic seances and upon the neophytes in psychic research who seek to penetrate the Astral without proper instruction or precautions.

These pranksters may appear as hideous forms, such as monsters, in an effort to frighten and drive the human away from the plane.






In addition, there are other non-human entities that reside on the Astral, or on the earth plane by means of astral vision; These other non-human entities are known as "artificial entities."

Artificial Astral Entities

Artificial Astral Entities are the creation of human minds by way of concentrated thought-forms. They are created unconsciously by persons who manifest strong desire-force with definite mental pictures of that which they desire.

They are not really entities in the strict sense of the word because they have no life or vitality, except that which they borrow from or are given to by their creators. Strong wishes/desires/mental pictures (whether good or bad) can and will eventually manifest in form with a semblance of vitality in shape of these artificial entities.

These entities are under the law of thought-attraction, meaning, they go where they are attracted. They can also be neutralized and even destroyed by positive thought properly directed.

There are other Artificial Astral Entities (thought-forms) whose creator creates them unconsciously. For example, a strong religious mother prays for the safety and protection of her children. Her imagination pictures "heavenly angels" by their side.

Unbeknownst to her, what she has created are "thought-forms" of angel guardians around her children; guardian angel(s) who were given a degree of life and mind vibrations from the soul of the mother.

The guardian angel(s) serve to protect and warn her children from danger, evil, temptation, etc.






"Thought-forms" can sustain their existence for a long time, even for generations (ie. historical ghosts walking the halls of old castles on certain anniversaries, or haunted houses where ghosts may be "laid" by anyone familiar with the laws of thought-forms.)

It must be remembered, these "thought-forms" are purely human creations and obtain all their energy (form/shape, mind and action) from their creators. And repeated thought, and repeated belief will serve to keep alive and to strengthen these entities, otherwise they will disappear in time.


THINK ABOUT THIS: Supernatural visitors, saints, religious figures, minor gods of the Orient, semi-divine gods, and even the appearance of the Devil and his evil work (witchcraft, diabolical personages, etc.) have been created/formed by "thought-forms," and in many cases, kept alive by the "faith" of the devotees of the church, chapel, or shrine.


Other phenomena that belong to this group include, the effects of sorcery, black magic, voodoo, charms and even "spirits," which sometimes appear at spiritualistic seances. They all arise from this principle of "thought-forms." They are not human beings at all.

An understanding of this "thought-form" creation principle will aid in the interpretation of many puzzling phases of psychic phenomena that is observed today.


Now let's leave the Astral World for just a moment
and examine HEAVEN and HELL

The Astral World
by Swami Panchadasi