The chakra exercises that follow were obtained from Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed, The Chakra Handbook by Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski, and copious notes from sources sadly long ago lost and forgotten :\

The opening of your chakras is a journey toward your true Self. It is a holistic way of unfolding all the potential you have as a human being. There are no shortcuts! If you work at developing your chakras, and really work at it (especially the Heart and the three sacred Higher Chakras) you will be able to do things a year from now that you would have thought impossible.

The basic Law of the Universe is that Energy Follows Thought. This is why we experience a LOSS of energy when we turn our attention to people or objects of an equal or lower vibratory rate than our own. This is called the Law of Descending Energy. However, just the opposite happens when we turn our attention to entities of a higher vibratory rate -- in this case we RECEIVE energy.

NOTE: Because the Heart Chakra is the most important chakra, please give your Heart Chakra most of your attention and develop it fully. It is one of the two psychic centers which are in direct connection with your Higher Self and through which soul energy and other higher energies enter your being (the other is through your Crown Chakra.)

The following exercises are designed to help cleanse and open (activate) your Heart Chakra.

4th HEART chakra



This is NOT Hatha Yoga exercises. There should be no compression of breath. Your breathing should be normal, but deep.

1. Sit erect in a straight-back chair. Shut out all sound as best as you can and prevent interruption.

2. Close your eyes and turn your attention toward your heart.

3. In your imagination, enter your heart.

4. To your surprised, you are now standing on a green plain in the countryside. The sky above you is bright pink. In front of you is a green, grassy hill, and on top of the hill is a temple. This temple is your heart. Hold this visualization.

5. Now climb the hill. You walk up the grassy slope to the temple. You climb the steps of the temple and enter the center doorway. Observe the appearance of the temple. Is it swept clean? Or is it covered with dust?

6. Walk into the dimly lit interior and approach the central adytum. As you near, you can see a flickering light within. The flame grows brighter as you approach. It swells and recedes rhythmically with your own heart beat in the bowl-like depression in the center of the room.

7. Gaze upon this flame. Send it your energies. See it respond to your energies, watch it grow bright and strong as it reaches up to touch the ceiling 40 feet above. You are feeding the flame of your heart. You are stimulating it to growth. Breathe deeply and realize in the depth of your being that your heart center is coming alive.

8. Open your eyes and sit in quiet meditation for 5 minutes before rising and terminating the exercises.

Perform this exercise no more than 2X per week - at first.

Music: Listen to Classical, New Age, sacral music of the East or West. Let it awaken the power of love.

Voice: Sing the vowel "ah" (Ah!) in F

Mantra: YAM

Color: Green meadows and forests provide harmony and compassion. Feel empathy and experience inner peace and serenity. Pink loosens the tension in our heart and awakens feelings of love and also stimulates creative activity.

Aromatic: The fragrance of attar Roses harmonizes our well-being and awakens our perception of love, beauty, and harmony in all Creation.

Yoga: Bhakti Yoga

There has been much talk about the
Ancient Egyptian's Initiation into the Sacred/Secret Mysteries. I have decided to tell you what I believe to be these secrets, and the final instructional exercise should help propel you on that journey.

What exactly is/was Initiation?

Initiation meant to become conscious on the highest/divine plane. This required the candidate to go through YEARS of mental, spiritual, and physical training and preparation to strengthen the nerves in the body to bear the high vibrations without harm.

And these exercises are where you start.

End of Part I


Sound has always played an important part in psychic development. Any uttered sound designed to achieve a human response is a mantram. Important among these are "tho," "ehm," "meh," and "err."

"Tho" is pronounced like "throw" without the "r." Emphasis is placed on the "th" sound. It effects the Throat Chakra and its corresponding gland, the thyroid gland.

"Ehm" is pronounced like "aim." It effects the thymus gland and is a beneficial influence upon the Heart Chakra.

"Meh" is pronounced like "met" but with an "h" ending instead of the "t." This has a soothing effect on the physical nervous system and a stirring influence on the Heart Chakra.

"Err" is pronounced "urr" and the "rr" sound is sustained at the end. This mantram is particularly helpful in clearing an upset or chaotic condition in the mind or emotions and should be used for that purpose.

More Heart Chakra Exercises:

(1) Turn your attention to your heart. Visualize energy flowing into and surrounding the heart by seeing that energy vibrating as a shining PINK cloud and intone the various mantra that stimulate the Heart Chakra - "ehm" and "meh." Practice this exercise 2X per week, preferably in the morning upon waking.

On the other days of the week, perform one or more of the following exercises:

(2) Mantram. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor, your spine straight and your head erect. Intone softly but quite audibly the following mantram 7X consecutively without pausing. Do NOT vary the tone.


(3) Color plus mantram. Sit as indicated before. Visualize a PINK cloud around your body at the level of the heart. See the cloud pulsate in rhythm with your heart's beat. Intone softly:


The "U" is pronounced "ooh." Do this 3X. The intonations should coincide with the visualization of the PINK cloud.

(4) Energy Flow. Sit as indicated. Visualize a WHITE cloud of vibrant energy over your head. The cloud should be VERY white, like sunlight on newly fallen snow. Know that this cloud is composed of VITAL PRIMARY ENERGY OF THE HIGHEST SORT. Then, by an act of your WILL, bring this cloud down into your heart, entering the body at the left of the spinal column between the shoulder blades.

The above exercises will bring a great stimulus of energy to your Heart Chakra, and if you do nothing to dissipate it, or block it off or lower this energy to your lower body chakras (ie. stomach, intestines, sex organs) in between periods, you will find that after about 2 months certain changes are taking place within you.

Don't make the mistake of dissipating this precious heart energy on unworthy projects (ie. romantic affairs, etc.) If you permit it to help you as it can and will, you will find you are able to understand others better. You will catch their moods and sometimes read their thoughts. This will make you more understanding, tolerant and compassionate. Please understand that these are essential elements IF you are going to "safely" develop your Higher Sacred (Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown/3rd Eye) Centers.

End of Part II

Source: Wisdom of the Mystic Master by Joseph Weed

Commentary: I want you to know that I left out all the preparatory exercises that led up to these exercises, such as, envisioning a pink cloud totally engulf the room you are in for one minute, then change the color to blue, then white; listening to the sound of a single solitary violin play a song in your mind for one minute; think no thought for one minute (and that means NOT thinking of NOT THINKING OF A SINGLE THOUGHT, which is seemingly impossible but is NOT impossible once you get it); all those exercises that train you HOW TO THINK and CONCENTRATE, etc., not to mention the breathing exercises!!!! (But, if you have done any serious meditation training, you should already know these basics, right?)

Also, feel free to do the above exercises more frequent than the prescribed doses, and feel free to invent some of your own exercises. But don't over do it! It won't help; in fact, it may slow your progress.

The exercises that follow are quite different from those given for the Heart and especially those for the lower Solar, Sacral and Root chakras, which I did NOT post because we pay way too much attention to them already (ie. eating, sex, drinking, etc.)

With the exercises that follow, first you will practice color visualization, then you will chant mantrams, then you will combine sound and color, and so on.
These training exercises must proceed in stages to be effective !!!

If you by-pass the preliminary exercises and go directly to the most sophisticated, nothing will happen.

The purpose is to provide you with the means to open your psychic centers so that you can bring higher psychic energies into your being and under your control. Your physical apparatus cannot perform the functions required until it has been trained and developed. But if you follow the recommended sequence and remain long enough at each stage, you will be surprised by the most gratifying results.


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