6th and 7th CROWN/THIRD EYE chakras

The 6th and 7th Chakra make up the Head Center. Physiologically, they are associated with the pituitary and pineal gland respectively. Develop the Head Center (pituitary and pineal glands) BEFORE proceeding to the Throat (5th) Chakra.

The pituitary gland is the physical organ which is the point of transfer for impressions and ideas. It is a very small, shapeless organ about 1/8" in diameter located in your head about 1" behind the root of the nose between the eyes.

The pineal gland is located behind the pituitary gland in almost the exact center of your head. It is also a small, fleshy organ about the size of the pituitary. It is one of the two points in your physical body which is in contact with the soul and where soul energy enters your body.

The soul is your Higher Self, and it is your Higher Self that is fully aware of all that you think and do, including all the impressions that come to you. But since your conscious awareness is focused in the physical brain, you do not partake consciously of the energies and knowledge which your Higher Self possesses. But as you develop these two head chakras, they will grow larger and finally make contact with each other by way of what is called the antahkarana or psychic bridge -- which is not a physical phenomena, btw.

At first this pathway will be small and only limited communication will be possible. But eventually inspiration and intuitive flashes will surface in your consciousness.
As you continue to develop these two chakras, the antahkarana will enlarge and strengthen and your intuitive powers will grow and your understanding will broaden.

IMPORTANT: The exercises for the Pituitary gland (Third Eye) should be started well BEFORE any attempts are made to develop the pineal gland (Crown Chakra.)

Likewise, a substantial effort should be made to develop the Heart Chakra BEFORE any attempt is made to develop the Head Center and Throat Chakra.

Everything in stages. Remember this.


Music: Any sound that will relax and open your mind and that which evokes images or feelings of cosmic dimensions. New Age music. Western Classical (ie. Bach.) will stimulate and harmonize the Third Eye chakra.

Voice: Sing the vowel "e" as in easy in key of A

Mantra: KSHAM

Color: Yellow and transparent indigo has an opening and purifying effect on the sixth chakra.

Aromatic: The refreshing scent of Mint dissolves blockages and helps rid oneself of old, confining thought patterns. It clears and brightens the mind, stimulating concentration.

Jasmine also opens the mind to images and visions which carry the messages of deeper truth. It sharpens our senses and combines the energies of the third eye chakra with the heart chakra.

Yoga: Jnana Yoga is the way of awareness based on the development of the mind's capacity to distinguish between real and the unreal, the eternal and the transitory.

Yantra Yoga are pictorial symbols depicting geometrical forms which represent the divine Being in all its aspects. They serve as an aid to visualization.

The exercises that follow combine visualization, sound, and breathing.

(1) Mantram: Sit erect. Close your eyes.
Sound RA-MA seven times. Pause. Repeat 7X. Pause. Repeat 9X.
Inhalation should be quick and deep. Be sure to maintain a tightened muscular structure in your erect spine and keep your abdominal muscles solid throughout the exercise. This will allow the psychic centers to become more active, particularly the all important Heart Center.

(2) Visualize a bright YELLOW slightly tinged with green, like sunlight falling through the leaves of trees, while sounding the following mantram 3 times:

RA-A-A -- MA-A-A

(3) Energy Flow: Visualize the same sunlight YELLOW.
Direct the color to the area of the pituitary gland in your
forehead between your eyes and SILENTLY intone the following 3X:


The first noticeable effect of the pituitary (Third Eye) exercises will be an increase in your powers of observation, a speeding up in your thinking process, and an improvement in your memory. AFTER this is observed, then proceed to the pineal gland (Crown Chakra) exercises.

Meanwhile, continue your Heart and Lower Chakra exercises. Don't stop the on-going process! You need to open all chakras and fully develop the all-important Heart Chakra.



Meditation: Spend time alone on the peak of a high mountain or some place far away from your earthly cares and let go of the events of your personal life. Feel a sense of space and boundlessness.

Music: The best music is complete SILENCE.

Voice: The sound "m" opens the crown chakra. It resembles an endless humming vibration and should be sung in B. It represents unity and the pure, unformed and unlimited consciousness that contains all matter in its latent form.

Mantra: OM

Color: Violet and White will have an expanding effect.

Violet brings about a transformation of mind and soul and opens both to spiritual dimensions of being.

White contains all the colors of the spectrum. It integrates the different levels of life to a higher unity and opens our souls to divine light, knowledge and healing.

Aromatic: Olibanum is the classical incense that is burnt in religious ceremonies. It consists of the resin of the olibanum tree. Its fragrance has a revitalizing effect on mind and soul and purifies the atmosphere.

Lotus blossoms is the symbol of beauty and spiritual completeness. Although the enlightened person lives in the mud (earthly) material world, this in no way affects their true Self in his union with God. Light and harmony radiate out of such people, spreading love, joy and knowledge to the world. The scent of the lotus flower bears the same message, guiding the receptive and ready soul on its path to Unity.

For now, it is suggested to do only one exercise for the Higher Mind, which is described below. You will notice that the exercise is a combination of all techniques offered.

(1) Sit erect as previously instructed.
Focus your attention on the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your head at the level of your ears but slightly lower than the pituitary.

(2) Visualize a VIOLET color (shading toward pink).
See this energy envelop the pineal gland in a sort of haze.

Audibly sound "AUM" seven times in full voice.
Pause. Silently repeat 7X.
Pause. Then audibly repeat 7X.

Note: When the silent chanting it properly employed, it is more effective than the audible intonation in stimulating the pineal area. Yes, this is very true. So study it !

The audible intonation of "AUM" should end in a sustained humming sound. Locate the vibrations of this sound in the pineal gland. Feel them massage the gland until it responds with a similar vibratory action, almost as if it were glowing in this violet-pink color.

Practice this series -- audible - silent - audible -- 2X per day, preferably in the early morning and just before retiring each day. Continue this exercise for several weeks BEFORE attempting the Throat (5th) Chakra exercises.


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