5th THROAT chakra

The Throat Chakra is located just forward of the spinal column immediately behind the Adam's apple.

Meditation: Meditate on the transparent blue of a clear sky. Lie down on the grass and relax. The reflection of the blue sky on a stretch of blue water will have a liberating effect on your feelings.

Music: Any music with rich high tones as well as meditative dancing or singing will have a stimulating influence. To harmonize and relax the throat chakra, listen to peaceful New Age music with echo effects. It will liberate the "inner ear."

Voice: Sound the vowel "eh" in G

Mantra: HAM

Color: A light clear shade of blue will create calmness and open you up to spiritual inspiration.

Aromatic: The tangy fragrance of Sage sends healing vibrations into "the seat of language." The refreshing fragrance of Eucalyptus oil clears and widens the Fifth Chakra.

Yoga: Mantra Yoga -- Mantras are meditative incantations that reflect certain aspects of the Divine. They can be silently recited, audibly sung, or chanted. Transcendental Meditation enables you to experience the mantra on increasingly fine and subtle levels of consciousness.

(1) Sit in the usual erect position as described in the previous chakra exercises.

(2) Focus your attention on your thyroid gland.

Visualize it surrounded by a bright ORANGE light and intone the following mantram in full voice:


Intone "THO" on F-sharp above middle C
Intone "RAMA" on A natural above middle C
This interesting short chant should be repeated 5 times

Practice this exercise 1X per day, beginning about 2 weeks AFTER you start the exercises to stimulate your pineal gland. From that point on, perform them together, one after the other. The sequence is not important but the amount of thought and focused attention you put into these simple techniques is very important. Your progress will depend upon it.

You are now working toward a higher psychic development. Gradually at first, and then more rapidly, you will begin to change! You may become aware of the thoughts of others. At first you will probably regard them as your own and not realize that you are picking up the signal from without. But as the experience is repeated, you will be able to distinguish which thoughts originated with you and which did not.

Now you need to attune the Heart, Head, and Throat Centers.


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