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1. What is the most ancient of all religions?

"It is said that the worship of the sun or light is the oldest of all religious doctrines. From the sun comes the visualizing ray which directly or indirectly nourishes and sustains all things that we see. It will be the last of all religions, also, for eternally the true student must seek the light which alone can dispel the darkness of ignorance.

When the student realizes that within his own being is this great sun life, he will understand more clearly the words of the One. Within us burns this Light and when we purify our beings so that it may shine through, the mystery of religion is solved. As the sun nourishes the solar system, so the spiritual sun nourishes and gives expression and liberation to the consciousness within ourselves." - mph


Comment: Herein lies the secret few seem to grasp, and that is the Light is within us. It is not an external existence but rather inside each and every one of us, and all things. As Manly Hall says, we must purify our beings so that the Light may shine through. What is this Light? Can we really see it? feel it? experience it? How do we purify ourSELVES? Start with your chakras. Search Within. Know ThySELF.


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