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The following questions are from inquisitive minds. The very brief answers are from Manly P. Hall. I follow with a humble comment.

Manly P. Hall's life was devoted to researching, writing and lecturing on the basic and essential ideas which constitute the world's heritage of learning. It was his view that the real purpose of knowledge was to strengthen character, enrich living, and solve problems. As never before, such thinking is necessary.

It is my hope you learn something here that may help illuminate your Path.

Please scroll down and browse the list of questions, then make your selection.

1. What is the most ancient of all religions ?

2. What is the true object of all the Wisdom Teachings?

3. Why is there so much unrest in the world?

4. What is the greatest enemy of failure?

5. What is success?

6. What is the soul?

7. Who is God?

8. What is adjustment?

9. What is God's plan for human development?

10. What is Man's true position in the universe?

11. What does Man carry with him from life to life?

12. What is the great adjustment humanity must make?

13. Can we get anything we want by wishing for it?

14. Is the power of communication with the astral spirits a sign of development?

15. What are the real dangers of psychic development?

16. Who is a mystic and how does he differ from the occultist?

17. Why are we born with so many imperfections?

18. Is there a shortcut to perfection?

19. What effect has cremation on the spirit?

20. When can we tell when a past debt has been paid?

21. If we do NOT develop spirituality in this life sufficiently to remember our past lives, do we automatically come into possession of this rememberance when we reach the astral world after death?

22. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

I hope this helped in some small way.