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7. Who is God ?

"God (as He is now generally understood), man, and the universe are various stages in the concrete manifestation of the Absolute. The God we know is the individualized part of the Unknowable One who through the unfolding of consciousness, had become the ruling spiritual intelligence of a solar system. Man is eternally making adjustments of bodies within to planes of consciousness without, and God is relatively perfect on a plane of consciousness where man as yet has not evolved vehicles of expression." - mph


Comment: The question should really read: 'What is God?' In any case, the key word here is: consciousness. There are several planes of consciousness; Each one of us reside on our own plane, which is directly proportional to our level of spiritual awareness, or consciousness. The great prophet Jesus said: "The Kingdom of God is within you." Repeat, 'within you.' Also within us is the teacher, the greatest teacher we will ever know called: "the Higher Self." God lives in us. We are God. We are all God, little Gods in the great spiritual Plan. Search Within. Elevate your consciousness and open the door to your "Higher Self" and you will see.


The idea that God is an individual Supreme Being with a big white beard sitting on a throne inside pearly gates is the creation of Man's ignorant imagination. God is living in everything, everywhere. God is the Eternal life-energy source that lives in all things everywhere throughout all universes.


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