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21. If we do NOT develop spirituality in this life sufficiently to remember our past lives, do we automatically come into possession of this rememberance when we reach the astral world after death?

"The transition between the material state and the after-death state condition does not bring with it any major improvement in the degree of our knowledge or understanding. The astral body, in which we function after the decease of the physical organism, is not the depository of the records of the past karma. These records are preserved in the ego itself.

The transition termed death, while it demonstrates to the individual himself the fact of immortality, does not necessarily bring any broadened viewpoint on the fact of reincarnation and karma. Thus, spirit mediums seldom receive any instruction concerning rebirth from the decarnate entities that speak through them.

The memory of past lives comes to the individual only when he has reached a state of development by which the secrets that are locked in the consciousness itself are released into the sphere of objective thinking and knowing. The memory of past lives is locked within the superconscious SELF. This SELF is not released by merely dying, but by the philosophical mystery commonly termed illumination." - mph


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